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Newsletter - Summer 2016

It finally arrived.


Match Point

Batter up!

Al Fresco

Road Trip


...and home projects? CHECK!

Some of these—maybe all of them, conjure up sunny images of summer. Everything on this list translates into fun, energy, beauty, self-improvement, learning……including home projects I hope! Summer is a great time for re-imaging how we utilize our spaces—inside and outside. The changes in season impact the colors we live with, the minimal approach or density of our furnishings, the light that is ever changing and lengthens the hours in our day, the layers of pillows, throws, other textures that perhaps we store until the chills of fall. Enjoy the season!


“Summer's lease hath all too short a date.”

— William Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Sonnets

Colorful Comment...

Gray — Seems to be on every magazine page, every slick photo, every commentary about color — or color-less space.

Do we like it? It’s certainly trendy—which I don’t subscribe to. Gray is cool, pensive, and neutral—all this is true. All can be quite attractive when created carefully. However, where’s the personality of the person using this space? Where is the complimentary color, or colors, that enable us to perceive the nuances of the grays chosen? On a sunny summer afternoon, do we enjoy living in a space void of warm tones?

...questions worth pondering.

Recently Completed...

Converting a children’s playroom into a calming and multi-use den for their family

Designing a boy’s bedroom…transitioning the space into a high energy teen’s bedroom

Launching my PWdesign Acrylic furniture (take a look at the new page on my website!)

Consulting and space planning for a new home

Enjoying a new luxury home and builders networking group to enhance my knowledge & resources along with supporting our membership of design professionals.

Featured Work